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     I am a native Turkish speaker and a certified English language tutor.  Learning Turkish or English will be more fun and effective with me.  I communicate easily and clearly with people and use a range of dynamic teaching methods during my classes. I will provide you with a variety of training material to help you achieve your language learning goals.

I have considerable experience in teaching both Turkish and English online and over the years I have perfected my teaching practices in order to create a learning environment which is comfortable, dynamic and fun.

Teaching Approach

1 –Firstly, I offer a high level of FLEXIBILITY in my classes; the coursework is student-centered and focuses on fulfilling the learning needs and requirements of my students. My teaching plan also aims to maximize student INTERACTION during the lesson and build confidence. I immediately adapt my teaching strategies to suit the language abilities of each student.  I consistently analyze and assess the progress of my students during each lesson in order to maximize their achievements.

2 – I always aim to create a COMFORTABLE learning environment, where students are encouraged to use both daily and survival language in a confident and clear way.  I help students acquire the essential vocabulary and grammar usage rules they need, by using the communicative approach and dynamic question/answer methodology.

3 – Listening and speaking skills are perhaps the most important in daily life. Therefore, we tend to focus on these skills during my classes. I actively encourage students to be proactive and ask questions that lead to intuitive communication.

4 – Lastly, I always provide students with all the necessary teaching materials they need before each lesson, these may include digital language books in pdf format and audio material in mp3 format, etc. Additionally, I encourage students to review the material that was covered in our online class, by giving them regular homework.

If you have any further questions or would like additional information, please do not hesitate to contact me. Teaching Turkish and English is truly my passion and I am looking forward to the opportunity of teaching you online soon.

My Skype: mustafatekin

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İsmim Mustafa Tekin. 46 yaşındayım ve Ankara’da yaşıyorum.Anadilim olan Türkçe ve İngilizce dillerinde online bireysel eğitim veriyorum.Şubat 2017 yılından beri de preply.com sitesinde Türkçe ve İngilizce Özel Eğitmen olarak hizmet vermekteyim.

Türkçe ve İngilizce Her iki dilde de online eğitim konusunda oldukça deneyime sahibim ve TOEFL ve IELTS sertifika sahibiyim.Bu dilleri öğrenirken eğlenceli bir ortam oluşturarak dinamik ve etkileşimli bir eğitim ortamı sunulmaktadır.Eğitimlerde çok çeşitli kaynaklar üzerinden eğitim verilmektedir.

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